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Clover's Story

"Brida means “strength” and she truly has shown strength to survive what she went through."


"I saw him walking down the street, and I just knew that he was meant to be with me."




Trigger's Story

Trigger came into Tulsa Animal Welfare as a stray, dirty, bloody, terrified, with an ear that was barely

hanging on after what we’re guessing was an encounter with another dog. Helpless Hounds pulled

him, and brought him to their office while searching for a foster, and his demeanor changed

instantaneously. Trigger spent a week learning so much about being a dog with his foster momma,

Yvette, while also learning about safety and love, and lots of walks...which leads us to the heart of

this story. While on a walk with foster momma, Trigger encountered a man named Aaron, only in

town for a short period of time, working as a lineman out of Colorado. Aaron likes to pet all dogs

he sees while traveling and working, and before he could even ask, Trigger immediately ran up to

                                                                                             him, ready for pets.


                                                                                                 Fast forward, and we received an excited call from Aaron’s fiancé,

                                                                                             Mariah, back in Colorado, letting us know she just received a call that

                                                                                             THEIR dog was waiting for them in Tulsa. He was THE ONE, and

                                                                                             Aaron couldn’t live without him. We got all the tinglies, got right on the app, and                                                                                                     low and behold, it was indeed the perfect match. Aaron had a flight back to                                                                                                             Colorado that evening, but somehow (we’re calling it fate) got off early enough to                                                                                                   swing by the office to spend some time with little man. He was  headed home to                                                                                                   get his car and make arrangements to come back for Trigger. 

                                                                                                 While we were working on figuring out a vehicle transport for this upcoming                                                                                                       weekend for Mr. Trigger, one of our adopters, who also happens to be a pilot,                                                                                                           stepped up and offered to FLY him to Colorado to his forever home! Talk about a                                                                                                   story!  Trigger not only got to meet his new mom and fur-sister, Rosie, who he is                                                                                                     besties with already, but he also got to experience his first Colorado snow! 


    We rescued Clover (now Brida) in October 2020 from Helpess Hounds. We saw her

story and pictures on their Facebook page where she was severely under weight, found

a stray, and had sores on her body. We decided right then and there that we wanted to

turn her life around, get her healthy, and have her be a part of a loving family. When we

first met her she was sweet but very shy. Fast forward 6 months, she has opened up to

be a happy, loving and goofy girl.

     Her best friend is Winston, a redbone coonhound, and they play together, and chase each other all day long. She has gained about 24 lbs since being rescued off the street, and the hair has grown back over most of the areas where she had sores. We decided on the name Brida because Brida means “strength” and she truly has shown strength to survive what she went through. We are so grateful that she has become a part of our family. Thank you Helpless Hounds for the great work that you do every day.

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